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Tam Lines is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and musician. Their work often focuses on the boundaries between the human and nonhuman, drawing on queer theory, new materialism, cybernetics, and online media to generate playful, poetic, and introspective projects.

Tam works with painting, drawing, and film, but since 2021 pivoted to less traditional art forms, developing their sound art, writing, and performance at Goldsmiths College until late 2023. During this time, they explored the playful, disruptive potential of the recorded (and broadcasted) voice, making a series of audio fictions exploring anxious entanglements with online media and contemporary AI models.

They also create music under the moniker Tam Lin.

In September 2022, Tam set up Crossovers Collective with Jessica Beechey, an ongoing art and music collective with regular shows and meet-ups in South London.

Recent work:

An audio essay at the Barbican Centre as part of "What is Happening Inside?", which explored the role that class plays in having access to a 'sense of place';

A practice research paper with Sonic Scope Journal ("Isolated Together: The Online Sound of Digital and Analog Haunting"), which examined online horror and the film "We're All Going to the World's Fair" through concepts of hauntology and prosumer culture;

An audiovisual installation for "Terra Nexus" at Proposition Studios in Peckham and the Southbank (October 2020, May 2021), responding to human impacts on non human sound environments;

Featuring on Earth/Percent's Earth Day 2023 compilation;

"Nearly", an EP released with the Hard Return label.


2021- 2023

Goldsmiths College

Sonic Arts MMus.

Here I explored the complexities of our relationship to cyber-technology and online media through audiovisual means, composing eerie audio fictions inspired by radiophonic and podcast experiments, queering the boundary of the skin through sound, and facilitating experimental cross-disciplinary events with Crossovers Collective.


Newcastle University

Fine Art BA

At Newcastle University, I explored a range of media, spanning etching, drawing, painting performance, sound art, writing and film making. I eventually found that I am best suited to transmedia installation work, exploring a single world or concept via different media, which inherently carry a range of perspectives.

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